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Corporate Retreats

Healthy Employees create high performing workplaces!


Do you have a team of employees that could use a boost?

A Vivacious Escape is the perfect retreat for team building and improved overall health.

Making for less sick leave days taken and improved productivity and work enjoyment overall.

Our team of qualified and passionate industry professionals take your staff away for a wonderful retreat of learning, relaxation, nourishment and play.

You can choose how long you want the retreat to be, anywhere from 1 night to a whole week of adventure.


As well as decide when you want the retreat to be, winter through to summer we work with you!


We usually offer sessions of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Movement Play, Sleep science, Pain Science, Food & Nutrition as well as guided walks and Mindfulness sessions.

Sessions aim to be interactive and engaging so that your employees not only have a great time but leave the event with real-world applications so they can take everything they have learnt home with them and continue their well-being journey long after the escape is over.


We discuss with you beforehand the areas you would like to focus on. We can add in more or less free time, chef catered meals, live music entertainment, more team building and trust games...

You can really curate the perfect event for your team's individual needs.


Team in a creative slump? Movement play & games might be the best focus.

Team taking a lot of sick days? maybe we need to chat about how to get good quality sleep and meal prep healthy food for the office.

Team seeming down due to cold dark winter days?

Give them a relaxing and beautiful time away to refresh and reenergise!

Get in touch to design your ultimate team building Escape! and help your team find their Vivacious Spark!

Reach out!

Make the first step towards your corporate retreat

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